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Chicken Tips with Peppers and Onions

My wife and I recently went on a short vacation. After we checked into our room, we decided on dinner. The front desk clerk suggested the local steak house. We decided to check it out. We both ordered beef tips, mine with onions and peppers, and my wife's with mushroom gravy. They were amazing. Extremely tender, lightly seasoned, with the onions and peppers cooked just right. The waitress said if we liked the beef tips we should try the chicken tips. The next day we both were really looking forward to those tips. When dinner time arrived, we went straight to the steak house. They were closed for the next three days. This is my version. Ingredients: 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 large sweet onion 2 bell peppers 1 teaspoon Tuscan infused olive oil 1 teaspoon seasoning salt Begin by think slicing the onions.  Add the olive oil to a preseasoned pan allow to grill about 10 minutes. While the onions are cooking, thinly sliced the peppers. Add the peppers to the skill

Mom's Salsa

My mother loved salsa. Not just any salsa, her salsa. She made it frequently. Even when her health turned, she still made salsa. When she couldn't make it any more, she stood over me instructing to make sure I did it right. This is her recipe. Gather up your ingredients and simply chop them. Start with two cups of diced tomatoes. Mom always mixed yellow and red tomatoes. The yellow variety has less acidity then red. Add one bell pepper, any color. One medium yellow onion.  One jalapeno chopped and seeded. For extra heat you may leave the seeds in. Three cloves of garlic. Two tablespoons chopped cilantro. Finally the juice of a lime. For a little more like flavor, you can also add the zest. Stir it all together, heat some chips and enjoy.