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Southwest Corn

This is a quick recipe for delicious side dish. With only three ingredients, it is quick to assemble and serve. Ingredients: 1 can fire-roasted corn 1/4 cup chunky salsa 2 tablespoons cilantro Drain corn and add to a medium sauce pan. Add salsa and then add cilantro. Heat over medium flame until hot, the serve.

Porterhouse Sous Vide

I love gadgets. If it can help in the kitchen, I'm interested. I recently got a sous vide cooker. For those who don't know, it is a French way of cooking food in a vacuum bag. The bag is placed in a warm water bath, and the machine circulates warm water around the food. The beauty of this way of cooking, is nothing gets overcooked. Whatever the temperature the cooker is set to, the food can't cook past it. This is a great way to prepare a steak, without constantly having to monitor your food. After a couple of hours in a water bath, the meat just needs a quick trip to a hot cast iron pan, or grill, to form a nice crust. The inside will be the perfect temperature.  Tonight I chose a two pound porterhouse for dinner. Begin by seasoning your steak with your favorite seasoning. I chose steak seasoning from the St. Augustine Spice and Tea Exchange, a great place to get spices. You can also use salt and pepper if you like. Next, place the steak in a vacuum bag and seal.