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Sous Vide Sweet Corn

If you are lucky enough to own a sous vide cooker, this is a quick recipe to produce great corn on the cob. Sous vide cooking can be used for much more than just meat. Vegetables can benefit from this cooking method too. 

2 ears of fresh corn on the cob
1 teaspoon butter
Pinch of salt (optional)

Shuck the ears, then place the corn in the vacuum bag. Add a teaspoon of butter, I like to slice it in several thin pieces. Add salt, if desired, then vacuum seal the ears of corn. Set you cooker for 30 minutes. If the corn floats, weigh it down. I find you don't need much weight, I use a Pyrex measuring cup filled with water. When the timer hits zero, CAREFULLY  remove the bag. Remember the water is 185 degrees, use tongs so you don't get burned. Let rest a few minutes, then cut open the bag and plate the corn. Enjoy.