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New Potatoes, Green Beans, and Ham

This meal is comfort food to me. For special occasions, my mother would make this in her pressure pot. I don't have a pressure pot, but I do have something better. Although I frequently use cast iron, I do have some excellent cookware. About a year and a half ago, I was asked to fill in as a chef for the Flavors of the NFL Alumni. One thing I got for participating was several pieces of 360 Cookware. Theses pieces are special to me.  For those unfamiliar with 360 Cookware, it is a waterless cooking system. Rinse your veggies, put them wet into the pot and add the lid.  When the lid freely spins, turn down the heat. This creates a flavor lock and forms a vacuum to cook your food. Nothing gets waterlogged, you just get a flavorful meal.

Start by removing the eyes from some new potatoes. Next trim your fresh green beans. Finally add chunks of ham steak. Cover and cook.


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