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Chicken Camp Meal

Working one handed has been a challenge for the last few weeks. Trying to make a tasty meal with my left arm in a brace/sling combo has been a challenge. I've seen several ads for camp meals and thought that's something I could make. Amish corn on the cob, red creamer potatoes, sweet onion and fresh green beans are the ingredients for dinner. Start with two boneless skinless chicken breasts. Lightly season them with seasoned salt, garlic and paprika. I like a little more heat and am adding some Datil Dave seasoning in my packet. Tear off two large sheets of aluminum foil about two feet long. Add the chicken, ear of corn cut in half, the potatoes, sliced onion, two pats of butter, and green beans. Lightly season the vegetables. I do this because each packet will have two teaspoons bacon pieces added and this will increase the salt level. Fold over the edges and roll, forming a tight seal down the center of the meal. Roll the end up and seal completely

BLT the Old Guy Way

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything in a while. I am recovering from surgery, and under doctor's order not to use my left arm and shoulder. My next few posts won't be recipes, but my different approach to some of my favorite foods. I love bacon. When I buy bacon, I go to my favorite restaurant supply store and  buy it ten to twenty pounds at a time. Did I mention I love bacon? For several years, I have been using a weave of bacon to self baste turkeys and turkey breasts.  You don't have to lift a finger, roast the bacon covered meat until done, then carve and serve. The benefit of the weave is the bacon holds together and when you want a club sandwich, cut off a square and add it to your sandwich. Nothing falls off and you get bacon in every bite. The weave also works great for a BLT. Cut three slices of bacon in half, weave together, and throw it in the pan. Tonight I had a bonus; I found some apple wood smoked bacon, which I cooked righ

Grilled Tomato and Peach Salad with Sliced Fillet

I love summer and fresh fruit. I also love grilling. This is my way to get the best of both. Start by seasoning two fillets with a dusting of Himalayan pink salt and white pepper or if you prefer your favorite seasoning. Let rest while you prepare the tomatoes and peaches. Slice one large beefsteak tomato into wedges and two peaches in half. Coat both sides with olive oil and place in grill pan over medium high heat. Grill on both sides for several minutes. Remove from pan and allow to cool. While cooling, grill the steaks to your desired doneness. Let rest about five minutes before slicing into thin strips. Assemble the salad with a bed of spring mix, followed by a few thin  slices of red onion. Add the tomatoes and peaches then top with steak slices. For dressings I live in a house divided. My wife likes creamy dressing and I am a vinaigrette guy. I topped it with a light dressing made of olive oil and red wine vinegar with fresh minced garlic and a touch of ba

French Toast with Strawberry Syrup

This is a quick and easy recipe for a Sunday morning breakfast. Start by making the syrup. In a small saucepan add: 1 cup diced strawberries 2 tablespoons sugar (you can adjust to your taste) 1 tablespoon cane syrup Heat mixture on medium low heat until the berries start to break down. Use a fork to mash berries, but keep some small pieces for texture. Keep warm until toast is ready. For the toast, start by beating 3 eggs. Add: 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoons milk Beat well. Place mixture in a flat bottom bowl. Preheat griddle over medium low heat. Soak a slice of bread turning to coat both sides Place on griddle. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Turn and brown both sides. Plate and cover with syrup. Add a scoop of strawberry whipped butter. (Recipe is coming in a future post). Enjoy.