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Cast Iron Omelette

A lot of people think cooking with cast iron is difficult. Once your cookware is seasoned properly, it's not different from any other pans. Many believe that older cast iron is better than what is being produced today. While that may be true, a lot of us don't have the money to spend on vintage cookware. I am totally happy using modern pans and skillets. To illustrate my point, I decided to make an omelette in a fairly new pan.  I previously seasoned this pan with Crisco.
Lodge cast iron

First,  I preheated the pan for several minutes on  low heat.

Next, I used a small pat of butter to aid in keeping the eggs from sticking and because I just like the flavor.
Lodge Cast Iron

Once the butter started to foam, I added my eggs.
Lodge Cast Iron

I didn't stir or move them until the topside started to get firm. Next, I added cheese. I like shredded because it melts faster and I think it makes a more creamy center.

Lodge Cast Iron

Once the cheese started to melt, I folded the side over. As you can see, there is very little residue on the pan. After a minute or two, I flipped​ it over once to help seal the omelette.
Lodge Cast Iron

After another minute, I plated the successful creation.

The results are as good as any non-stick pan I have ever used.